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The Venus Transit 2004 European Science & Technology Week 2004 Visit the websites of the VT-2004 organisers

O Trânsito de Vénus 2004

... a Rede VT-2004


This page provides access to current lists (by countries/regions) of the many educational institutions, organisations, associations, planetaria, astronomy clubs, etc., which are officially associated with the VT-2004 programme as members of the VT-2004 Network. The links to their websites will help you to learn more about the activities around the Venus Transit event in the corresponding geographical areas.

These pages are being updated as more partners join the VT-2004 network. If your organisation plans activities in connection with the Venus Transit on June 8, 2004, and wishes to join the VT-2004 network, please send an email with the name and address, together with information about those activities as well as your URL for the link from the corresponding (country/region) page, to the VT-2004 programme organisers at

Some organisations will work particularly closely with the VT-2004 programme and have been designated as VT-2004 Nodes. They will make special efforts to promote this event and the VT-2004 programme in their respective geographical areas, e.g., by providing information about the Venus Transit and the VT-2004 programme in the local language(s). More details will be found at their websites which can also be reached directly via the clickable map of Europe on the "In your Region" webpage.

Individuals and organisations/associations who would like to participate actively in the VT-2004 Observation Campaign must register at the Observation Campaign Interface website.

VT-2004 Network Members in Europe VT-2004 Network Members outside Europe
At the last update of the membership lists, there were about 120 members in Europe, 25 members outside Europe.